Top 10 Pediatric Pharma franchise companies in India.


Pharma franchise for Pediatric Range, are you looking for top Pediatric PCD pharma company in India, if yes you are at the right place. We are sharing the list of Best Pediatric products companies in India.


India has a huge population of over 130 Crore people and it consists of a large number of children and teens. India is also called a very young country due to its population. In such a huge country with large number of children it is obvious that medicines of children or Pediatric Range of pharma products are in huge demand. As the population of India is growing everyday the demand for Pediatric pharma products is also growing. More and more businessmen and Pharma associates are taking Franchise for Pediatric products to work in this segment. Pediatric segment is growing and profitable also, so we also recommend you to work in Pediatric segment of pharma products.


Point 1 – When you select a Pediatric Pharma franchise company you should be very very specific about the packing, because Children pharma products should be very attractive and good looking .


Example Just Look at the two products packing and design Given below. These products are very very attractive as per the standards of Pediatric products.

Cefpodoxime Dry Syrup and Cefixime Dry Syrup.

Cefpodoxime 50 Mg Dry syrup
Cefpodoxime 50 Mg Dry syrup
Cefixime Dry Syrup
Cefixime Dry Syrup

Both these products have an excellent packing design which looks attractive to Pharma associates and children. Once packing is good it is also Easy to sell these products. Not only the packing is good looking but it should also be of good quality of carton used.

Point 2 – Efficacy and quality of Pediatric Pharma franchise products is of utmost important because the children are extra sensitive to medicines, not only this, it is more difficult for children to explain their problem to doctors and even parents sometimes. In such scenarios the efficacy of quality of products becomes very very important.

Point 3 – Pricing of products is critical for every business and so it is in this one. Genuine Pricing of products is required to earn profit in your business and for this an ethical and honest company is required. Please note that quality should not be compromised for a lower Prices.

Point 4 – Pediatric product Range – it is important to understand that you dont need a lot of products to run your business, you should just have the required range of products and then you can start your business and grow it with the companies. There are companies who have a very large range of products but it is important to understand that all these products are not running so having a very large range of product is not what you should be attracted to but ultimately you should be working in a limited range of running products. Here are images of some Pediatric Range products which should be in your Pediatric Pharma franchise company.

You should observe the products given above, they contain most of the products which you need for starting a successful Pediatric Pharma products business in India.

Top 10 Pediatric Pharma Franchise companies

Based on the Four Points above we are sharing a list of top 10 Pediatric Pharma Franchise companies in India.

  1. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals – With Corporate Office in Chandigarh, Wellgo Pharma is One of the best Pediatric Pharma companies in India. They give you an opportunity to start your Pediatric Pharma business in minimum investment. You can call them now at 8288899202 or Drop a Whatsapp Message to Earn maximum Profit.
Pediatric Pharma Franchise
Pediatric Pharma Franchise company

2. Horizon Biolabs

3. Rudraksh Medicare

4. Eurocare Pedia

5. Magigrow Biocare

6. Hunt lifescience

7. Greater Pediacare

9. Swoosh Lifescience

10. Brunt Labs

All these companies provide Excellent Pediatric Range products and you can start your Pediatric business with any of them. If you are looking for any help in starting your business you can call us at 8288899202 and we will support you in every way possible.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals also provides PCD Pharma franchise in India. Our dedicated team works 27X7 for the growth of our PCD pharma associates.


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PCD companies are companies which provide its branded pharma products to its associates on monopoly basis. These products are marketed and promoted by the associates in their respective areas. It is often asked how to find the Best PCD Pharma franchise company in India ,from so many companies working in PCD pharma industry.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals guides its associates in becoming best Pharmaceutical distributor in their area. Whenever any associates wants to select a new PCD company, he can check the difference in an normal PCD company and best pcd company by noticing following points.

a) Professional approach of Management and staff  – Staff of a good PCD company is professional and soft-spoken. Their terms and conditions are refined and well-defined. Any commitment they want to do, they will be ready to share it in written and not just verbal commitments. Not only the staff but management of company is also professional and cooperative. Management will be ready to talk to you and answer all your questions with patience.

b) Packing quality and designs – In Pharmaceuticals products packing and designs are very important from presentation and promotion point of view. Best PCD Pharma franchise companies focus on quality of designs and packing very minutely. Before finalizing any company you should observe the designs of PCD pharma products very carefully. Below an example of a good packing is given. This product is not only Good in Design but also have great carton quality. Color combination of products and Quality of box matters a lot.

Aceclofenac Paracetamol Tablets
Aceclofenac Paracetamol Tablets

c) Must have Product Range – Best companies have this product range

  • Tablets
  • capsules
  • Injections
  • Dry Injections
  • Syrups
  • Dry-Syrups
  • Soft-Gel Capsules
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Herbal products
  • Infusions

Whenever you select best PCD company you should look carefully that all this range of products are available in the Company.


d) Monopoly PCD Pharma Franchise  – Best and Ethical PCD pharma companies work on Monopoly basis. Associates should check with the companies about this term and condition. Once sure you can also take a Monopoly PCD agreement based on the sales discussion. This agreement should be given to you by any Reputed PCD company in India.

e) Pricing and MRP – You should study the Pricing and MRP of products you are taking. Best PCD companies finalize their MRPs based on an extensive market study. These MRPs will help you in promoting the products easily in your area. Apart from this pricing of the companies are such that you can compete in market easily. Genuine pricing will help you in your growth of business.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a well known name in PCD pharma industry and we are helping many associates to start their business in their areas. If you are looking for any guidance in starting your business, you can contact us on numbers below. We will try our best to help you.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals, 8288899202



Top PCD Pharma companies in India 2021

Pharmaceutical industry in India is growing at an impressive pace for last many year. Recent phase of corona pandemic has also proven that pharmaceutical sector is a safe sector and a recession proof sector to be in. India is worlds 3rd largest manufacturer of medicines and is also known as Pharmacy of the world. Drug formulations made in India cover around 60-70% of medicines in world. India has 20 percent of worlds market and a large and respected player in Pharma sector world-wide.

PCD pharma companies are companies which provide its brands to its franchise on monopoly basis. These brands or products are provided to only one associate or distributor in a particular area or district. Associate is known as the Franchise of the company in its area and he/she has full rights to market and promote the PCD products of the parent PCD company.

PCD pharma business is a promising business because it gives a great opportunity to start your business at a very decent investment. The profit margins are healthy and as mentioned earlier, the sector is recession proof.

If you are looking for Top PCD companies of India, your search ends here as Wellgo Pharma is presenting list of Top 10 PCD companies of India 2021.

TOP 10 PCD companies of India - 2021
TOP 10 PCD companies of India – 2021

List of top 10 PCD companies in India.

  1. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals has its head office and godown in Chandigarh and Mohali. They are one of the top 10 PCD companies in India. They have a wide range of products in which you can work. Most of their products are WHO-GMP certified and efficacy and result is 100%.

Wellgo Pharma has a wide range of tablets, capsules, injections, soft-gel capsules, Dry injections, syrups, dry-syrups and infusions etc.

The customer centric approach, high service levels, transparent and honest dealing will help you in growing your business and making maximum profit. You can contact them at 8288899202 and get free knowledge of how to start your PCD company in India.

2. Zota Healthcare

Zota healthcare is a company from Gujrat, they are also one of the oldest PCD companies in India. They work in a wide range of products. They are working in most of the locations in India.

3. Fossil remedies

Fossil remedies is in market for many years. They have a good name in PCD Pharma market and their products have attractive packing. Their ethical approach has helped them in growing quickly in past few years. Their presentation of products is very good.

4. Innovative Pharma

Innovative Pharma is also one of the best PCD companies in India . Their wide range of products and excellent quality has helped them in growing in India. They are known for bringing in new and innovative products to the market and have earned a respectable name in PCD pharma market.

5. Creogenic Pharma

Creogenic pharma is new kid in the town but their aggressive customer support, Innovative products design and Efficacy of products has earned them a name in PCD pharma circles. They are one of the fastest growing PCD pharma companies in India and work in a wide range of products. It is a company run by professionals.

6. Viblip Pharma 

Viblip pharma is leading PCD company if India which works in Neuro and Cardio-diabetic segment. They products are with 100% efficacy and they are also planning to enter into Critical care segment. Viblip pharma is a respectable pharma company in Neuro and Cardio-Diabetic segment.

7. EllanJey Pharma

Ellanjey Pharma is situated in Chandigarh and has captured a large market share in last 3 years. Their strength is their professionalism. Ellanjey is famous for its attractive packing and service levels. It is definitely one of the top 10 pcd companies in India.

8. Irene Pharma

Irene is a leading PCD pharma company from Ahemdabad, Gujrat. They work in Allopathic, Ayurvedic and other prominent sectors. Irene has a wide range of products and work all over India. They deliver your products timely and give great customer support.

9 . RX Biotech

RX biotech is a Delhi based PCD pharma company and they proceed all pcd pharma solutions at one place. They offer monopoly PCD franchise to their customers and Their strength is their professional approach.

10. SPICA lab

Last but not the least, SPICA lab  was established around 2001 with a vision to serve mankind. Their aim is to support for a better tomorrow by providing affordable medicines in India.

Above you have the list of Top 10 PCD pharma companies in India. You can share your feedback with us or contact us at 828889202 for any PCD pharma related queries.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals


MR JOb or PCD Pharma company

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PCD pharma Franchise company in Bihar – Wellgo Pharmaceuticals has successfully given its Pharma franchise in Bihar to its associates. Wellgo Pharma is a quality conscious, ethical and customer centric PCD pharma company based in Chandigarh. We provide a Wide range of Allopathic and herbal products to our associates across India.

Our Wide range of products consisted of tablets, capsules, injections and dry syrups etc. Our Quality is best and rates are very competitive as per market. We also provide incentive schemes to our associates.

You can all us at +91-8288899202 and know more about the services we are providing.


Our Pharma product range in Bihar

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injections
  • Dry Injections
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Soft-Gel Capsules
  • Herbal products

Facilities provided to out customers

We support our associates by providing following facilities, so that they can increase their business in their area properly. If you need any special facility, then you can contact us in that case also.

  1. Free Promotional material
  2. Free consultancy in growing your business
  3. Incentive schemes for regular business

Our promotional material includes Bags, Visual Aids, LBLs, Reminder cards, product cards etc. All these can be used effectively to increase your business in Bihar.



Top Benefits of working with Best PCD Pharma franchise company in India.

If you are looking to take a monopoly franchise of a PCD pharma company in your area and start a new business or just want to add a new company or division to your existing business, you should be very selective and careful in finalizing your company. There are number fo PCD pharma companies available in market, but it is recommended to work with the Best PCD Pharma companies available in your area.  Some of the benefits of working with Best PCD Pharma companies are mentioned as below.

Product Range availability

When you work with an established PCD Pharma franchise company, you get a wide product range like

a) Tablets

b) Capsules

c) Injections

d) Dry Injections

e) Syrups

f) Dry Syrups

g) Soft Gel calsules

h) Ointments

i) Infusions

j) Energy Drinks etc.

A wide range will help you in increasing your business and build new customers.

High service levels and customer support

A Top PCD Pharma franchise company will always take care of its customers and provide them with best customers support. A top PCD company like Wellgo Pharmaceuticals gives excellent customer support to all its associated. It dispatches all the orders on same day of receiving the order. Follow up with the transporters aggressively to make sure the delivery is on time. In case of any concerns Wellgo Pharmaceuticals takes up Customer first approach and provide a solution which is beneficial to the customers. Regular communication and proper response is given to all customers of Wellgo Pharmaceuticals.

Efficacy and Quality Assurance

Another important benefit of working with a Top PCD Pharma company is the assurance of quality . Wellgo Pharmaceuticals and other top companies work only with very reputed manufactures which can provide products of utmost quality. It always prefers Manufactures with certifications like WHO-GMP, EuGmp , ISO  etc.

Top PCD companies like Wellgo Pharmaceuticals have a mission to provide best quality medicines to its associates so that they go to their market with confidence and assurance of growth. High quality customers always prefer assurance of Efficacy to build their markets and Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is an ideal match for them.

Promotional material support

Best PCD companies understand that Promotional material is an important tool for the promotion of products. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals and other top PCD companies provide ample promotional material for the promotion of their products in market. This list includes – Visual aid, MR Bag, MR Dress, Reminder cards, branded Pens, Doctor Pads, Calendars and dairies at new year, Product cards etc.

Competitive Pricing

When you work with a top PCD pharma company, it offers competitive Price to its associates to that they can compete in the market. Top PCD companies understand the pricing is very important to compete in market. So companies like Wellgo Pharmaceuticals offer competitive prices to its associates. Wellgo Pharma and other top PCD companies, offer best prices for its quality assured products

Attractive Product packing

All top PCD pharma companies and Wellgo Pharmaceuticals offer attractive product packing in their products. Top PCD companies understand the impact which packing makes in marker. Each and every product is planned as per the market standards of that brand in market. Packing of competitors is analyzed and attempt is made to provide the best quality packing.

With all the benefits mentioned above the associates grow easily in their area. We recommend new businessmen, MRs or Pharma associates to choose Wellgo Pharmaceutical or any top PCD company only for their business association.


Piperacillin Tazobactam Injection in PCD Franchise

Piperacillin Tazobactam injection is used to treat many bacterial infections. it works by Stopping the growth of bacteria in body and belongs to Pencillin Antibiotic. It is also used to treat the following :-

  • Intra-Abdominal Infections,
  • Skin And Skin Structure Infections,
  • Female Pelvic Infections,
  • Community- Acquired Pneumonia
  • Nosocomial Pneumonia

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals also offers Piperacillin Tazobactam  in PCD Pharma franchise as follows :-

Brand name – PIPZOWEL 4.5

Composition – Piperacillin 4gm + Tazobactam 0.5gm

MRP – 490

GST – 12%

piperacillin tazobactam
Wellgo Pharma is offering piperacillin tazobactam 4.5 in PCD Pharma franchise under brand name PIPZOWEL 4.5


Piperacillin Tazobactam – Pipzowel , is used to maintain the effectiveness of Pipzowel and other anti-bacterial drugs. It also reduces the development of drug resistant bacteria. It should be confirmed that infection is caused by bacteria only before the usage of Pipzowel. Anti-bacterial therapy should be based on susceptibility and culture information. Also, any used of Pipzowel -Piperacillin Tazobactam , should be only by the recommendation of a registered medical practitioner.


Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is offering piperacillin tazobactam 4.5 in PCD Pharma franchise under brand name PIPZOWEL 4.5. This injection will be provided in monopoly basis in your area. You can contact us to take monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in injectable range.


  1. How to increase PCD Pharma franchise sales
  2. PCD pharma franchise
  3. PCD Pharma Uttar Pradesh





How to Increase PCD Franchise sales in your Area

If you are promoting a PCD Pharma franchise company in your area, you understand that increasing sales is not your area. As the sale will increase your profits will increase with it, so a regular effort has to be made to increase the sales of your Pharma products. You can bring continuous improvement in your selling and working style, to increase you sales and Profits.

Challenges of PCD Pharma Franchise Business

Like all businesses there are some challenges in your PCD Franchise business also. You need to properly understand and mitigate the challenges you are facing on ground. Following are the challenges which you may face while promoting your monopoly PCD Franchise:-

a) Market conditions and Season – Many Pharma Products have a consistent sales throughout the year, but still the majority of sales of PCD Pharma franchise company dips in Winter season. This is because the virus and bacteria dies, Many infections do not happen in this season and sale is down. It is a big challenge in winter season to expand your sales and increase business.

b) Price competitiveness – Over fast few years, we have observed that Pharma market has become very price sensitive. This is because of many new players entering the market. Apart from this, Fluctuation is raw material prices also play a role in increasing the price sensitivity.

c) Wide area coverage – Another challenge which you may face in expanding is covering market area. Some districts are very big in size, so you have to cover a lot of distance daily to market products. Travel time can increase and travel cost also. You may also need more manpower to cover more area. So Expansion is also a concern if a large geographical area is targeted.

Increase PCD Pharma sales
How to increase sales of PCD Pharma Franchise in your area

Points to increase PCD Pharma Franchise sales in your area.

If you want to increase sales of your PCD Franchise company , follow following steps and your sales will definitely increase.

  1. Market Analysis – Every market is different, so do a proper marketing analysis. Understand which are must running products and what is the price at which they move.
  2. Offers or Rate – Understand how products moves in your area. How your customers increase their orders. Do they like schemes on products or Discounts on orders. This will help you in finalizing your sales strategy.
  3. Management support – Talk to company management and ask for their Support. It is important that company supports you in your selling strategy. Discuss all important points with management and ask for support.
  4. Promotional material Support –  Check promotional material for PCD Pharma sales and ask for it, for proper marketing of products. Various Marketing support material is available for product promotion, use it properly to increase the sales.
  5. Monopoly Rights – Have proper agreements in place when you plan for for a sales increase so that if someone infiltrates in your market you can tackle the issue firmly. Monopoly Rights are must if you are planning a long term growth in sales and business.
  6. Stock Management – In Pharmaceutical segment it is very critical to maintain stock, so that sales do not get affected when there is a spike in demand. It is little risky but you have to plan your stock properly and keep it for demand fulfillment. 

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is a Leading PCD Pharma Franchise company , with head office in Chandigarh, India. We help our associates in growing their business.  Our Dedicated staff is working 24X7 to grow business of our associated.





L-ornithine – L- Asparate B-Complex & Silymarin Tablets

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is offering L-ornithine – L- Asparate B-Complex & Silymarin Tablets , in PCD Pharma franchise at very attractive prices. These tablets are used in various Liver Ailments and are taken after prescription of doctor only.

L-ornithine L-aspartate constitutes if amino acids like aspartic acid and ornithine. These amino acids break down to provide aspartic acid and ornithine in body Unlike most of a mono acids which help in making protien.

These tablets are used in reducing brain function for the patients with advanced Liver disease. Sometimes, it is also used in athletic performance, cirrhosis and other liver ailments. But it is mandatory to consult your doctor before taking these tablets.

These tablets dont have a side effect.

Compositon and details

Brand name – Welorni

MRP -1850/Box

L-Ornithine L-Aspartate – 250 Mg

Vitamin B1 – 0.75 Mg

Vitamin B2 – 0.80 Mg

Vitamin B6 – 0.35 Mg

Niacinamide – 50 Mcg

Silymarin – 140 Mg

L-ornithine – L- Asparate B-Complex & Silymarin Tablets are available for associates of Wellgo Pharmaceuticals at a very reasonable price. If you are looking to buy these tablets, Please contact us at 8288899202.

Important Notice – Always consult your doctor before taking any medicine. Information provided in blog is not intended to prescribe any medicine and is for knowledge only.

Contact Information

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

502 , Motor Market, Manimajra , Chandigarh. 160101



PCD Pharma Franchise company in Uttar Pradesh

If you are searching for a PCD Pharma franchise company in your area in Uttar Pradesh, your search is over. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is leading PCD Pharma franchise company in India and presently it is offering its products and franchise in many locations of Uttar Pradesh. Wellgo Pharma is running in over 150 locations all over India, and is trusted by many of its associates. If you are an MR, starting a new business or looking to add a PCD company in your existing business, you can grow your business by contacting Wellgo Pharmaceuticals.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals is an ethical and trustworthy company to start your business with. Our dedicated and experi10enced team will help you in establishing your business in Uttar Pradesh by providing quality, results and service. If you are an MR, you can be your own boss by working with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals PCD Franchise in Uttar Pradesh. Company is offering DCGI approved molecules at very reasonable prices. We understand the price sensitivity of market so we offer best prices to our associates in Uttar Pradesh market.

For your requirements you can contact Wellgo Pharmaceuticals at 8288899202 or you can also send an email at Our expert team of professionals will send you details of products and prices along with the packing designs of our products.


Locations Available for Monopoly PCD pharma franchise in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has a high potential for sales and growth of Pharmaceutical products. Most of the areas of Uttar Pradesh have huge capability to do business. Some of the high potential areas where we are offering our PCD Pharma franchise on Monopoly basis are below. If you are from any other area please contact us now at 8288899202 and we will share details with you.

  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Lucknow.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Varanasi.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Moradabad
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Kanpur.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Gorakhpur.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Aligarh.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Meerut.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Basti.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Faizabad.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Bareilly.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Allahabad.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Mirzapur.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Jhansi.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Agra.
  • Monopoly PCD Pharma franchise in Gonda

Be your own boss and start your PCD Franchise in Uttar Pradesh with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals.

Range available at Wellgo Pharmaceuticals

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals work in wide range so that its associates can work in full capacity and earn maximum profit. Following is the product Range of Wellgo Pharmaceuticals.

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Injections
  • Dry Injections
  • Syrups
  • Dry Syrups
  • Soft-Gelt capsules
  • Ointments
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Infusions

Dynamic professionals from Uttar Pradesh are welcome to start their business with Wellgo Pharmaceuticals and grow. Wellgo Pharmaceuticals will support them in everyday to earn maximum  profit.

Wellgo Pharmaceuticals will guide you in steps to take PCD Pharma Franchise in Uttar Pradesh, India.

If you are an MR and planning to start a PCD Pharma franchise new business, Wellgo Pharmaceuticals will guide in every possible way to establish your business.

Important points to choose a PCD Pharma franchise company in Uttar Pradesh.

There are many companies available for Associates, but before you finalize a company, you should take care of some points very carefully. This is because taking a PCD company is a very long term relationship and you can not change it very easily. Some important points are :-

  1. Easy company name
  2. Easy brand names
  3. Attractive packing
  4. Promotional support
  5. Discussion with management of company and their long term goals.
  6. Good customers support
  7. DCGI approved molecules
  8. WHO-GMP certified products
  9. Background checks
  10. On-time delivery
  11. Result oriented medicines
  12. Friendly staff

If these points are there, you can take the company and grow easily.

Contact details for PCD Franchise in Uttar Pradesh.

Phone – 8288899202, 7696088955, 7696240662

Email –,

Corp. Office  – Chandigarh, UT. 160101


Steps to take Pharma franchise company in India.

If you are an MR looking for a PCD pharma franchise company for your new business or you just want to add a company to your existing pharma business. following are the steps you should take care when finalizing a PCD Pharma company .

Make an estimated budget

As for any other business, for your new pharma franchise business also make an estimated budget which you want to invest in starting the business. You should take care of your traveling expenses, promotion expenses with doctors and estimated budget for stock planning. You should also keep a buffer amount for any emergency in business. If you are planning to keep some staff, you should have salary for atleast 6 months for your staff. When you take call of these together, it will give you estimated budget and funds requirement for your business.

Get All legal documents

For Pharmaceutical business you need to have a few documents before you start this business. Most important of them is Drug-Liscence. You should apply for drug license, as it is required to do billing. You should also have GST , bank account details and firms documents. If you dont have GST you can work with Adhar and Pan card. Most important is Drug license because.

Select Range and products

You should finalize the range which you want to work in and products which you will promote in your area. These products you should select based on the doctors you know and the network you have. You can also do a market survey to understand which products move faster in your area.

Compare Rates

Once you decide to take the franchise , take rate from atleast 3-4 companies and compare rates. This will help you in understanding the market rates.

Compare Packing

Packing and presentation is very important in pharma industry. Product outlook should be selected carefully so that it is easier to sell the product in market. Not only it should be good in looking but carton quality of the product packing is also important. Compare packing pics provided by different companies and select a sober and attractive packing.

Promotional material

Promotional material like Visual Aid, MR Bags, Notepad, Pens and Product cards etc is very important to promote the product in market. Carefully understand what packing material is provided by company and at what terms.

Once all these steps are followed, discuss all terms and conditions with management and finalize company as per your terms discussed.